- Windows98SE in 8MB! NEW!!!
- Custom BIOS splash screens and cleanup


Windows98SE in 8MB!!

The screenshot below is real. There is no disk compression, ramdrives or imaging utiltities involved here. Using our EOS software we performed an embedded installation of Windows98SE to a small 500MB hard disk. After booting to the explorer GUI our starting point was in fact a 17MB installation. All extraneous files were resolved and removed, leaving the smallest, leanest Windows98SE ever. It boots in seconds, is wonderfully fast and stable as a rock. Mind you it doesnt do a whole lot, though as you can see we still have the Explorer GUI and command environments fully functional. Serial ports, parallel ports, floppy, mouse etc - all present and accounted for!

Now if you think this is silly-small...you should see what happens when you use Microsoft's Drivespace compression with a 3x compression factor. No I am not kidding. Windows98SE on a 4MB Disk-on-Chip anyone? The screenshot would look the same, since the compression is transparent the OS would be reporting 8MB still - just the physical storage is halved. Works great though!

EOS Embedded Windows98SE has some huge advantages over Windows CE on an ix86 PC platform. A plethora of hardware devices are available with all the driver development done tried and tested. Standard software development tools abound and a wealth of off-the-shelf software are available.

Embedded XP - this small?? No way.

Each Embedded Windows variant has its pros and cons. EOS Embedded 9x has proven to be incredibly stable, fast and reliable and we believe embedded Windows9x can mix it with the rest. Windows Millennium = MiniMe!

Embedded windows98SE installed to 8MB without using compression or ramdisks.  Just raw windows in a tiny footprint
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