Embedded Windows98SE in 8MB HEADLINES:
- Windows98SE in 8MB!
- Custom BIOS splash screens and cleanup


Embedded Windows XP Profesional

Embedded and ultra-customised Windows XP Professional in a 300MB+ footprint using regular Windows XP Professional (not Microsoft's Embedded XP product). We can tailor the OS to exactly what you want need using tools you are familiar with without the up-front costs of requiring Microsoft's Embedded XP toolkit. This is a custom installation service we offer on a consultation basis (not software you buy to DIY).

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EOS - Embedded Windows 98, 98SE or Windows Me

EOS is an embedded installer tool to embed Windows 98, 98SE, Me for unprecedented stability, performance, and compatibility. Far better hardware support than WindowsCE - use any existing Windows drivers!

  • Tiny! installations as small as 9MB, 11MB for networked install with Explorer GUI
  • Lightning FAST bootup (as little as 3 seconds to the desktop!!)
  • Instant on/off - just hit the power switch
  • Enhanced security
  • Run from flash memory as small as 8MB - even removable USB keys!
  • Compatible with all existing Windows 9x hardware - a huge array of drivers at your disposal
  • Ease of use and familiarity with the OS and software development tools
Windows 98, Windows98SE and Windows Millennium can be embedded in flash storage from 16-32MB!

Build on all the advantages and features of the Windows 98, 98SE, Me Operating System in a tiny embedded form factor:

  • modern protected mode, multi-tasking, multi-threading OS
  • advanced next generation hardware support
  • broadest range of device drivers of any operating system
  • unsurpassed ease of use
  • the broadest range of drivers, development environments, languages, scripting tools, utilities, and applications; unmatched by all other operating systems combined!

Forget about long development cycles. EOS can get you in the world marketplace in just a few weeks.


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Embed Windows9x onto PC-104 modules and Single Board Computers